Július hónap Depósa Szegeden Akas Shoro!

1. How does it feel becoming the employee of month at Meló-Depó?

Foremost, I did not know that there is such a thing as an employee of the month, however, when I received Márk’s message that I have been selected as one, reading that sent a wave of joy in my body. 

2. Tell us a few things about yourself, what do you study, what king of job do you have here at Meló-Depó?

I am studying BA English in the university of Szeged and doing a part time job as a gardening assistant. 

3. What do you do outside of work? Do you have a hobby? How much time do you have left for it after job and school?

Outside of work I try to have some personal space and some time alone in order to indulge in my hobbies such as sketching, reading, listening to podcasts. Unfortunately, I don’t think I am going to have much time to do work when my study starts again this September. I will be preoccupied with my coursework.  

4. You are working as gardenig assistant here and that is a responsible job. How do you feel about it, do you like doing it?

My favorite task as a gardening assistant is to mow the lawns. I must say it gets tiring if you are not favored by the weather but it is a considerably mindful task if you are under clouds and the weather is propitious. Moreover, you are surrounded by green (which is healthy). I have to admit that I have learnt to be more punctual.  

5. Did you have previous experience with this kind of job? How did you choose this one?

I have never worked as a gardener before but now when I am doing it, I have got to know that it requires steady hands, stamina, and a sense of well being in order to deal gently with all the greenery around you.

6. What kind of person do you think is suitabel for this job? Who would you recommande it to?

Obviously someone who is interested in gardening and spending time around nature. 

7. What do you think about Meló-Depó and your project manager?

Honestly, I have never given any serious thought about how I am (as an individual) playing my role in affecting or contributing in this organization (Mélo Depó) but I am grateful to have had assigned a job, because as an international student it feels empowering to earn for your own daily expenses. My project manager, Márk’s texts on weekdays were proved to be an impetus for me. His constant feedback is really energizing. I am glad that he mentioned my name to get selected as an employee of the month. 


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